Twangy Newsflash:

It is not only perfectly okay to head out on errands or drop your kids off in your loungewear, it’s actually on trend! We call it ‘sleep to street’ and our Twang Gang is here to help you rock the back to school routine in comfort and style.

Here are our tips for mastering comfort and cuteness all day every day - without anyone catching on that you’re in your favourite loungewear.]


1. Bring on the Soft - Our Twang Gang firmly believes in tactile shopping - pick clothes that feel like a warm soft hug and pair a patterned top with a solid bottom or vice versa.  Or add a fluffy jacket to your jogger/favourite tee combo that feels like you're hugging a teddy bear - but looks like you're on trend.


2. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize - Add a scarf to a onesie, pair your leggings with cute sneakers, put your hair up with a scrunchie or add a hat.  It always helps to have a statement wallet or handbag to level your look up too.


3. Mix and Match Patterns with Solids - Break up patterned joggers or tops with a wardrobe staple jean jacket or add a patterned bomber jacket to spice up your favourite solid romper.  Or add a patterned scarf to a solid romper or a solid scarf to a patterned top. Its mix and match sleep to street winning.

Need help mastering the look? Our Twang Gang is here for you - drop us a line or see us in store.