We love the this time of year - waking up to the peaceful sound of rain gently falling can be a soothing balm for the soul, but the transition into a Fall routine and weather can also be challenging for us all.  Our Twang Gang has some tips (and feel good goodies) to help all you lovelies 'Keep calm, and Carry On' into Fall. 

1. (Jana's Tip) Morning Meditation, Journaling or Yoga

Meditating, journaling and/or practicing yoga for even just ten minutes a day, especially in the morning, can make all the difference to the way your day goes and how you feel. Morning self care rituals are not for reflection - but rather for recognizing and acknowledging any worries or busy thoughts you awoke with, and then letting them go, so you can start your day with a clean slate and positive focus.

Pictured: Lemon Twisted Marshmellow Cable Knit Slippers,  Salt Spring Candle Co. Twang and Pearl Candle and Skeem Matches. Baltic Club Journal.

2. (Kimara's Tip) Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

As the season changes make sure to keep hydrated. Sip tea - full of antioxidants and phytochemicals - warming your body and your mind. Pro tip - carry your favourite brew with you in one of our Corkcicle canteens or tumblers, all of which are excellent at keeping your tea warm. 

Taking care of your skin's hydration is important any time of year, but especially as we transition to colder weather.  New in store is our ultra-rich moisturizing face cream by De La Terre that nourishes the skin while softening, smoothing and unlocking its natural radiance. Made with all-natural ingredients and no scents it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Pictured: Corkcicle 16oz Matte Black Tumbler and De Le Terre Face Cream. 


3. (Kristi's Tip) Set the Mood (and Yours) with a Scented Room

Trust our resident 'positivity fairy' that the right candle or room spray can not only set the mood of a room but it can also improve yours. Essential oils and scents can help calm our nerves, alleviate our stress, and reduce fatigue. They also have the ability to improve our mood and concentration. 

Some of our favourite new scents are Urbana room sprays and candles in delicious Citrus + Seed: Zesty and refreshing grapefruit, orange, cassis and muskat. Or bring back the sweet memories of Summer with Salt + Sand, a soft mix of floral and citrus with a splash of coconut and vanilla.  Or try Kristi's personal favourite - Himalayan Candle Co's Spice Tin Candle in Mountain Forest scent.

Pictured: Urbana Citrus + Seed Room Spray and candle and Salt + Sand Room Spray and Candle and  Himalayan Candle Co's Spice Tin Candle in Mountain Forest scent.


4. (Teile's Tip) Exercise

Sometimes the rush of back to school alongside cooler shorter days has our best of intentions to exercise exchanged for a glass of wine and Netflix - we get it. But your body and your mind will thank you for a daily exercise routine - even if it's just a brisk 15 walk.  And it can't hurt your motivation to look cute while you're doing it - so throw on a favourite sweater and a beautiful, light-weight Fall scarf for a hike or walk in the woods, or pack a beautiful Turkish towel in your swim bag as you head to the pool. 

Pictured: Gentle Fawn Tucker sweater, Jackson Rowe Basket Weave Scarf and Pokoloko Turkish Towel in Spanish Grey.


Wishing all you lovelies a beautiful and calm launch into Fall!