Our Story

Twang and Pearl was founded out of a love of travel and a sincere appreciation for beauty – the beauty in carefully crafted things yes, but also in the moments experienced while searching for them. We're as inspired by the people and the stories behind the goods we curate, as we are by the goods themselves. We like to affectionately refer to this gorgeous group of humans, along with all of our customers, as our Twangy Nation.

We invite you to become a member and follow along on Twang and Pearl's social media to meet some of the fine folks you are supporting with your purchases. Whether you visit us online or at our flagship store on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada, we hope you find the journey inspiring and that your experience shopping with us imbues a little beauty into your life. 

Our Twangy Team

We are a small team that is fierce about our work and enjoy ourselves while doing it. We oversee every area of our business from curating products, to fulfilling your orders to marketing and sales. We also wear, use and genuinely love the products we carry. Our biggest delight is sharing that love with our ever-growing community of customers. Your purchase is supporting real humans, and every single sale 'ping' makes our heart sing and we are truly grateful for you being here and supporting our business.


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Jana – 'Our Heart'

If you ever had the chance to meet our founder, Jana, count yourself lucky, she was absolutely magnificent in every way. And when asked what's the meaning behind the name Twang and Pearl, she’d tell you it’s a little bit country, and a little bit cocktail party, just like her personality was. Perhaps it was this style duality that gave her the knack for curating so beautifully and creating this gorgeous store. We’re not sure how she did it, but we’re just so glad she did. Jana was the most encouraging, supportive person in all the land and we miss her beautiful smile, big energy (and big hair!) everyday. Because of her, we are us.


Teile – 'Queen T'

Since Teile joined our Twang and Pearl team as Store Manager and Buyer in 2017, our lives have not only become exceptionally well run but also way more enjoyable!  Her unflappable nature, fantastic attitude and her uncanny ability to make fun happen, keeps our team productive and happy - the real sign of a good queen.  When she’s not out buying new goodies for the shop or organizing one of our photo shoots, Teile’s amusing her friends and family with stories of her life with Jono, Ara, Poppy and their band of animals. 

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Tara – 'Copilot Extraordinaire'

When Tara joined our Twang and Pearl team as a Sales Associate in 2015, our world instantly became several shades brighter. Her smile will truly light up a room. She is now our Website Manager and has seen us through many of our ups (and downs) with a grace and agility few possess. When she’s not managing our digital world behind the scenes, she’s likely off on a worldly adventure with Nick or tending to their farm, puppies & chickens at home. 

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Kristi – 'Our Muse'

From the very first day Kristi joined our Twang and Pearl team in 2017 as a Sales Associate, our world improved in ways we didn’t even realize needed improvement. She is a creative and organizational genius and a whiz at making the store look pretty and she's our bad-ass handy woman too! When Kristi isn’t at the store beaming positivity and enthusiasm or planning a Twangy event, she can be found designing and creating Qube (her own line of clothing we love and carry) or spending quality time with her guy Jord and their sweet animals Honey & Larry. 









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