1) Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks fridge cold for way longer than it takes to consume the drinks - seriously.
2) Feel great to hold, and are as pretty as they are practical.
3) Did we mention the 25oz canteens hold an entire bottle of wine?

Teile: My first love is my Corkcicle's superior function - it keeps my hot coffee hot all of the workday long. I bought the 'Walnut' tumbler for my husband, Jono, and we love how sleek and manly it looks.

Currently owns: 16oz Turquoise Tumbler; 16 oz Walnut Tumbler; 60oz Canteen in Matte Black for trips to Salt Spring Ales for a growler fill.

Kristi: I love Corkcicles because they keep my hot, hot, and my cold, cold longer than any other to-go cup. They're also super cute and there are so many styles to choose from it feels so personal when you pick your fave.

Currently owns: 12oz Stemless Copper Tumbler, 12oz Gloss White Tumbler, and his and hers matching 25oz Matte Black Canteens - for her and her guy, Jordie.

Jana: I fell in love with Corkcicles on a hot beach in Florida when my spritzers stayed ice cold in the blazing hot sun, even while I was out floating. I brought the love home to Twang & Pearl and have been happily sipping out of them ever since. They are also one of my top go-to gifts and one of my favourite brands in the shop.

Currently owns: 12oz Gunmetal Tumblers; 12oz Gloss White Stemless Tumblers; 25oz Gloss White Canteen for wine and water; 16oz Palms Tumbler for cocktails; 16oz Dutch Love Tumbler for Tea and 60oz Gloss White Canteen for sharing cocktails or wine with more friends.


Tara: I love Corkcicle because they keep me hydrated with water that stays cool while working outside all day in the sun ... and I especially love the easy sip straw on my new sporty one (her guy Nick 'stole' her first copper one).

Currently owns: 20oz Gunmetal Sport Canteen & 25oz Copper Canteen for hydration and 12oz his and hers Gunmetal Tumblers for coffee to go.

Nova: I love that no matter how early my husband brings me my coffee, it stays hot until I'm ready to wake up and drink it. And that in the afternoon when it's time for cocktail hour, my stemless keeps my gin and tonic cold (and bug-free) even on the hottest patio day.

Currently owns: 12oz Rifle Gloss Aqua Stemless Tumbler and a 16oz Dutch Love Tumbler.

Mali: I love the wider mouth for ice (and putting frozen fruit inside which makes my new glass hybrid canteen even prettier)! Each time a new batch arrives at the shop, my new favourite arrives with it!

Currently owns: 16oz Tropical Delight Tumbler, 16oz Sparkle Unicorn Canteen, 12oz Copper Tumbler, and a Hybrid Sparkle Unicorn Canteen.