There’s only 6 weeks left of summer! Lucky for all you lovelies we have a bevvy of new arrivals that feel summery enough for August but will transition stylishly into September. Here’s a peek at a few of our favourites to help you transition from summer to fall in comfort and style.

1. Hobo the Original Bridge and Merrin Backpacks 
We love the versatility of these gorgeous vintaged leather Hobo backpacks. We love all the Hobo all the time really - but these two cuties are casual elegance defined and summer to fall style winning.

2. Amuse Society New Moon Woven Top
The perfect top for the waning days of summer. Bright, light and cheerful but with a style that leans into fall.

3. INDOSOLE Eco Flips Flops and Slides
We recently met the creator of Indosoles at a conference and we fell in love with their mission and their flip flops and slides. They are definitely triple bottom line winning! Natural rubber and vegan uppers with their signature recycled tire soles. Super comfy, super stylish and eco - swoon.

4. Lack of Color Felted Hat 
We love that hats are back. And we love that they’re as comfortable at a festival as they are at a cafe. And we particularly love the ones with a brim - the perfect transitional style for shading the sun and the rain both.

5. Hailey Gerrits Calypso Necklace and Laurel Earrings
Hailey Gerrits designs literally stopped our founder in her tracks when she first saw them. They are a fave with ALL our Twang Gang. We especially love the show stopping pieces for their casual elevation and red carpet ready versatility.

6. Gentle Fawn Kahlo Skirt and Alabama Tee
Gentle fawn always hits it out of the park with their casual elegance styles - and this skirt is a Twang Gang fave. Perfect with flips and a tee for the summer and will be perfect with a sweater and boots into fall.

7. Lyla and Luxe Sweaters
We love it when a brand does one thing very well, and Lyla and Luxe does sweaters very well. They always fly out as fast as they fly in no matter whether it’s sweater weather. Two of our faves from the recent shipment are the fuzzy striped Roger and the colourful striped Bella.

8. Scrunchies and Headbands from End of Her Rope and Hairloom
For those of us that grew up in the eighties, yay scrunchies?! For everyone else, YAY scrunchies!!! They’re back in all their colourful cuteness and they sure do know how to finish off an outfit! Both made in BC with love (we’ll tell you those stories soon).

  1. Accessorize summer clothes with a fall colour pallet - Add chunky scarves, statement hats, warm rich cloured handbags & chunky statement jewellery to a summery outfit and you’re both ready for a cooler breeze but this can also transition a summer pattern into fall perfection.
  2. Layering - You can easily transition a summer dress into fall if you add a chunky cardigan or duster. Or put a tee under a slip dress or romper for a similar effect. Finally add  booties instead of sandals and you’ll be walking from summer to fall in style in no time.
  3. Style your summery pants or skirts with long sleeve flowy jewel tone or darker autumnal toned tops. Or vice versa - style a summery top with jeans or fall pants and add a cardigan or blazer.

xo - Twang Gang