Ahhh, the Negroni. There are some members of our Twang Gang who will argue that the Negroni is, in fact, the perfect cocktail.  (These same members have also gone on self-guided Negroni tours together in Toronto and Portland – but that’s another story). Appealing to all the senses, with its beautiful colour and bitter-sweet flavours, it's refreshing in Summer and warming in Winter. Equally at home at a cocktail party or to be sipped slowly by a fire. It's sophisticated yet playful, and simple yet complex. What's not to like?

Created by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919, we’re more than happy to declare 2019 the year of the Negroni.


1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Dry gin
1 oz. Vermouth Rosso

Place all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir gently until chilled. Alternatively, mix enough for a party in our Negroni glass decanter from Reclamation Etchworks.

Strain into a glass (a beautiful etched glass is the best!) over ice. Garnish with an orange peel - and rub a little on the rim for good measure.

To be enjoyed with marinated olives, or good bread dipped in quality olive oil. 


Reclamation Etchworks Negroni Decanter 

The perfect Negroni every time in a vessel that is as pretty as it is practical. No need for a Negroni recipe, just pour in the classic ingredients to the measured lines and your Negroni will be ready for you when you when you’re ready for it. Just add ice and an orange peel. Made by really nice people in California from up-cycled bar bottles, the etching is both a nod to the past, while keeping in mind a concern for the future. We think a fitting vessel to house the spirits that lift ours.

Want to make your Negroni Even Prettier?

 We have the things for that!

1. Fancy Metal Straws make cocktails even prettier
Stainless steel in a gold or copper finish we love these metal straws for their pretty sipping and for their reusability. Win win. 
2. Corkcicle Ice Wedge Trays
From the fine folks at Corkcicle – an elevated ice cube tray that we love the way they make our cocktails look as pretty as they are tasty – and for its smart design. Built with a cover to keep them free from debris (and rogue peas) in the freezer and a stiff upper lip so the trip from the tap to the freezer is spill free.

3. Portland Bitters
Because bitters make everything better. From the moment we tasted these in an afternoon gin & tonic at a makers show, we were sold – and that’s not just the gin talking. Perfect for the cocktail enthusiast, but also great splashing a dab of fancy in your soda water.


Cin cin,

Xo Twang Gang