Dear all you lovely keeners out there: We applaud you for your organized approach to gift-giving (we are actually in a little awe of you)! We've heard from some of you that it’s also just super fun to get in the shop early to get inspiration and see all the lovely sparkly goodies. 

But hey all you lovely last-minuters: We totally get it, you’re still munching on your Halloween candy and reveling in the season of spook, not sparkle. Stay in that warm happy sugar coma as long as you need to - but when you’re ready to come out, we’re here for you too!

No matter where you are on the gift-giving spectrum, this year we have made buying gifts for everyone in your life a snap! Whether you know them really well, or hardly at all, we have a gift (or bundle of gifts) she, he or they will love.  


Whether you’re a Holiday Keener, Holiday Procrastinator or somewhere in between, our Twang Gang has your back! Just add to cart and we’ll do the rest while you sit back and enjoy your bailey’s. Welcome to Gift-Giving Superstardom. 

P.S. Have a tricky person to buy for on your list? Our Twang Gang has keen present-whispering skills and we LOVE a good challenge. Just drop us a line and we’ll work with you to curate a gift bundle they will love.