Corkcicle Canteen Loop Cap 9oz/16oz/25oz - Turquoise


Brand Corkcicle


Bring your favourite on-the-go bottle with you anywhere with Corkcicle's Canteen Loop Cap. Made for Corkcicle's classic 9oz, 16oz and 25oz Canteens, the Loop Cap is a convenient solution for transporting your drink with ease with a splash of turquoise! 

  • Designed in the USA and made in China 
  • Canteen Cap fits 9 oz, 16 oz and 25 oz Classic Corkcicle Canteens
  • Features a molded, silicone loop that is anchored to the Cap’s interior and tested to hold about 9lbs of weight. 

P.S. Check out our full line of Corkcicle tumblers, canteens and accessories in our Twang & Pearl Corkcicle collection.

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