Thank You for a wonderful year!
We are celebrating the first anniversary of our online store - and almost 10 years of Twang & Pearl! We truly could not have come this far without all you lovelies!  We mean it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts (and the tops too), thank you!

Here's a few of our loves right now - we hope they spark a little happy in your week / day / year.

They make us want to write and draw

That our fantastic new manager Kimara is also a sommelier (lucky us)!
Her top picks right now: Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc and Burrowing Owl Merlot


SmartSweets Sweet Fish
Keep in the fridge for double chewiness

Merrin from HOBO Bags
The perfect convertible bag

 The Stone Cottage series by Maghread MacKay  She’s Kimara's Mom and is a wicked author!

Dumpling Drop
Pick-up and deliveries of fine dumplings in Victoria (and sometimes Salt Spring!)

Francis Bread Sourdough grilled cheese with extra old cheddar done in cast iron (worth a trip to Salt Spring!)

Wild Coast Perfumery - Saltspring Eau de Parfum It makes us happy that our island has such a lovely scent made by such a lovely woman

Furry on the inside leggings!
Apart from sweaters, they are the best thing about the new season. Cold person nirvana - seriously!

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami. In fact, anything by Murakami

Moonshine Mama's Turmeric Elixir
Good for colds in the cooler months, great for cocktails all year 'round! 

Barbara's Jalepeño Cheese Puffs
Spicy, delicious love. Mmm cheese puffs!

Marvis toothpaste in aquatic mint
Making something you “have to do” more delightful - we're working on getting this in store for all of you!

Panda Planner
A Twang Gang work and life flow essential

Bees Wax Works candles
 Smell amazing while purifying your air

Binge-worthy TV for the long winter months: The Good Place (holy forking shirt balls!), Fleabag and Jane the Virgin. Offspring and Friends (always on repeat!). Ohh and Outlander is back!

Negronis or whiskey by an open fire
It's the season for warm fires and warming cocktails!

Palo Santo scented anything
We especially love the Palo Santo Skeem candle

Nova's super decadent brownie recipe
Ingredients include about $30 worth of chocolate! Very similar to the Barefoot Contessa's recipe

The Nest Hot Yoga's 'Yin Yoga + Massage = Yogassage' - seriously, go register for one right now

The Salty Awards

We are so grateful to have been nominated for two Salt Spring Chamber Salty Awards for Best Retail Business and Best Customer Service. Not only that, but our founder and leader Jana Thomas has been nominated for Best Entrepreneur over 40.

So thankful for our gorgeous and supportive local community here on Salt Spring Island (but you don't have to live here to vote)!
So please, Vote for us! 

xo - Twang Gang


"We have a "thankful tree" which is just an arbutus branch. On our dining room table there's a bunch of blank paper pieces and during dinner we write our 'thankfuls' and attach them to the tree. Some of the things our family is thankful for is "my beautiful voice" (Poppy) and "mayonnaise" (Ara)." - Teile 


"I am thankful for a handwritten recipe book that my mom made for me. In it holds all the secrets to my Italian grandmother's and mom's treasured and delicious meals and desserts that I grew up eating and loving! It's kind of like a time capsule for my tummy :) Living away from family during the holidays is difficult but being in the kitchen, recreating the recipes of these amazing women who nourished me throughout my life makes it feel like they are with me and makes me feel like I am honouring them. My absolute favourite for this time of year- my mom's famous Thanksgiving stuffing recipe! We never go a Thanksgiving without it!" - Tara

"I am thankful for my vibrant life on Salt Spring, surrounded by colourful and inspired people. I'm grateful for our Twang Gang and Leader Lady for seeking our individual strengths and encouraging us to be even more awesome. I'm thankful for rain and moody fall weather." - Kristi

"I am thankful for the beautiful island full of so many amazing people that i’m lucky to call my home, and I’m thankful for my family and animals that I love (and miss) so much. And of course I’m thankful that I am able to work at the best store with the best people ever! 🧡" - Mali


"I'm most thankful for group video chats with my family back in Ontario!  I get to see and talk to all my loved ones every week and catch up on everything that's going on in their lives ... and there's always at least one of us that has crazy stuff going on. LOL! Plus I'm super grateful for my new job here at Twang & Pearl!  I feel like I've found what it is I'm supposed to be doing here on Salt Spring.  Love it! 🧡" - Kimara

"I’m grateful for Autumn sunshine and fall leaves, for cozy sweaters and opportunities to laugh. I am thankful for my supportive friends and family who are always just a phone call away. And I am especially grateful for that morning cup of coffee." - Elsie


"I’m thankful for this lovely island life and all the great people we’ve met in our first year here (all y’all’s included 😘) and for kid cuddles, puppy tummy rubs, ocean views, fruit trees, a husband who brings me coffee in bed and for jalapeño cheesies. Definitely jalapeño cheesies." - Nova

"There are so many things I am grateful for! Aside from family, friends and a good life, I am currently super grateful for Jana's Bakeshop for saving my butt this Thanksgiving with a last minute pie order - and also autumnal cocktails and laughs around the fire pit with friends and loved ones." - Claire

"I'm at a place in my life and this Twang & Pearl journey where sometimes I almost literally can't contain the gratitude I feel. I'm so lucky to work with such an amazing tribe of humans - truly, they are so freaking gorgeous, talented and giving. I'm also so grateful for all the squees of encouragement I hear almost daily from our wonderful customers. And I'm deeply thankful that I get to live in a community that grounds me, and travel to places and meet people who inspire me. Also cheese. I am very grateful for cheese." - Jana