Skeem Design - Incense Bottle - Various Scents



Imbue lovely scents in your rooms with Skeem Design incense. 

These sweet bottles of Japanese, bambooless incense help clear the mind and infuse any room with a soft fragrance. 

Scent notes:

-Cedarwood is a clear strong fragrance that smells of wood shavings and water.

-Black Fig is a sweet honey fruit scent mixed with musky amber

-Yuzu Sake is an exotic blend of citrus and sandalwood

  • Incense made in Japan
  • 100 sticks
  • 30 min. burn time
  • Bottle is 6.5˝ high x 2.25˝ wide
  • Features an engraved wood lid that doubles as a burner, bambooless stick

 View our Twang and Pearl Room Sprays & Incense Collectionand imbue lovely scents into your life.

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