Sealuxe - Face Mask - Seaweed


Brand Sealuxe


This Sealuxe face mask is as sweetly packaged as it is sweet for your complexion. It brightens, hydrates and nourishes your skin. Rich in tri-glycerides and fatty acids, it is perfect for regulating skin's pH. Best for dry/sensitive skin.

Customize your face mask by replacing the water with honey + water to draw out toxins; yogurt, milk or avocados and bananas for added moisture.

  • Made in Canada
  • Ingredients are Canadian glacial clay, oats, oatstraw, rose powder, spirulina, kelp, Irish moss, bladderwrack
  • Makes four face masks per bottle


Add one tablespoon of water and one teaspoon of face mask powder. Mix together until a paste is formed. Apply with your fingers or a brush, spreading to cover your face. Let sit for 15 minutes while the ingredients work to regulate your skin’s pH, while hydrating and brightening for a healthy glow.

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