Salt Spring Sea Salt - Porter Ale



The talented team behind Salt Spring Sea Salt, Carolyn & Philippe, are passionate about producing a gourmet finishing fleur de sel salt that rivals the very best from France. Salt Spring Sea Salt is made with the finest hand-harvested fleur de sel crystals and infused with ingredients sourced locally.

The Porter Ale is for all the beer lovers out there! Fleur de sel infused with a local brew of impeccable quality and taste: Salt Spring Island’s own Dry Porter Ale from Salt Spring Ale. Great on a variety of dishes — meats, chicken, fish, veggies or simply use your imagination. Hoppy times are here again!

  • Made on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
  • Each package is 45 grams

What makes Salt Spring Sea Salt so dang yummy?

  • Purity – Fleur de sel is a pure form of salt that contains absolutely no gypsum or other impurities from the sea.
  • Taste – The crystals melt slowly on your tongue while enhancing the flavour of your food. 
  • Variety – This fleur de sel salt is uniquely flavour-infused using organic herbs, fruit, spices, wine, and beer local to Salt Spring Island. 
  • Beauty – The salt crystals come in an array of flavour-infused colours that visually tempt the taste buds before they even get to your mouth.

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