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LOHN - Perfume Oil - Erde


Brand Lohn


LOHN scents are inspired by journeys and are designed to transport you to another time and place.

/erde/ from German, meaning Earth.

Erde is like being transported to a lush forest at dusk. Amber’s golden scent settles on the skin, with a touch of vetiver’s earthy freshness and soft notes of ripe fig and cedarwood with a slight hint of spicy-sweet nutmeg and bergamot.

Top Notes: Bergamot & Nutmeg

Middle Notes: Cedarwood & Fig

Base Notes: Amber & Vetiver

  • Blended in small batches in Toronto
  • 10 ml | 0.3 fl oz
  • Perfume oils combine fine fragrances with aromatic essential oils and moisturizing coconut oil.
  • Roll on pulse points like your neck, chest, and wrists. Designed to be portable, so you can carry them with you and reapply throughout the day.

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