Himalayan Trading Gold Globe Lamp - Soy Candle - Desert Springs



The Twang Gang has loved these soy candles for some time. We love the old world charm of these vintage lamp inspired globe candles and the complexly layered fragrances that will give your house a cool vibe. 

And bonus the globes can be re-filled once the candle is done or repurposed as a decorative container for your table, dresser or vanity, to be used time and time again.

Desert Springs soy candle has notes of white grapefruit, white lily, linen and white musk. A clear, refreshing aroma with a splash of citrus

  • Hand-poured using artisan techniques in Georgia, USA
  • The candle is made from natural soy wax with high quality essential and fragrance oils
  • Candle containers are made of glass that textured in a diamond design with an ombre and metallic finish topped with stainless-steel lids.
  • Available in 8oz or 20oz
  • 20 oz globe is approx: 6.5" x 4.25" and 8 oz globe is approx: 3.25" x 3.32"
  • 20 oz globe has approx. 75 hour burn time and 8 oz globe has a 45 hour burn time.

View our Twang and Pearl candle collection and imbue a little soft light and lovely scent into your life. 

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