Grandmother's Buttons - Earrings - Deco Sand Opal



OMG, can you even imagine a more art deco style earring? They feature two lovely rare and collectible white moonglow glass stones made in midcentury West Germany.

Moonglow cabochons have an opaque glass interior, sealed with a clear glass top, and striped ones, like this one, are the most collectible.

These earrings were handmade by Grandmother's Buttons jewelry, a small women-led family business that creates heirloom jewelry from antique buttons & vintage glass in their Louisiana design studio.

  • Designed and handmade in the USA
  • Shield-shaped white moonglow glass stones made in mid-century Western Germany
  • Long art deco brass stampings made using antique dies
  • Nickel-free brass euro wires
  • Hangs 2 5/8"

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