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Fuse & Sip - The Moira Rose Sangria Infusion



Fuse & Sip creates beautiful and delicious drink infusions with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives using 100% natural fruits sourced from Canadian suppliers.

This sangria mix is named after the one and only Moira Rose from Schitts Creek. Who couldn't use a little bit of Moira Rose in their life. It's a sublime combination of rosebuds, cranberries, pineapples, and limes with organic cane sugar.

  • Made in Squamish BC, Canada
  • Ingredients are rosebuds, cranberries, pineapples, and limes with organic cane sugar
  • Size is 120 g
  • 1 pack makes 8-10 drinks

How to Infuse:

  • Fill: Empty the package into a jar and add 12oz of your favourite alcohol
  • Fuse: Seal it up and refrigerate. Fuse for 3 days for maximum flavour
  • Sip: Shake and strain into 1.5 oz shots. Top with 3-4 oz of sparkling water, stir and enjoy!

Or if you need an instant infusion, simply empty the package into a pot, add 12oz of alcohol, and warm over the stove. Do not boil or steam the alcohol.

And if you prefer a Mocktail version, simply add water instead of alcohol, infuse and top with sparkling water.

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