Eco Dish Scrubbie - Various Colours and Patterns



Our eco dish scrubbies are a household miracle and a Twang and Pearl best seller. They're non-scratch, long-lasting, and work fantastically for cleaning pots and pans as well as counters, bathrooms, and outdoor grills. They're made from recycled cotton with a nylon coating making them an ideal replacement for more typical plastic scrubbers.

Please note that our eco-scrubbies come in a variety of colours and patterns and so will not be exactly as shown as in photographs (but they will be cute - we promise)!

  • Designed and made in Europe
  • Material is cotton-based with the non-plastic hardened coating
  • Size is 12.5 cm x 15 cm or 5" x 6"
  • Dishwasher and washing machine friendly

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