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Grandmother's Buttons - Earrings - Blaize in Rose



The rare and collectible mid-century glass doublets in these gorgeous earrings showcase the talents of midcentury German glassmakers. 

German glassmaking is rooted in Northern Bavaria. Influenced by their Czech counterparts in nearby Bohemia, German glassmakers are also renowned for their exceptional skills that evolved over centuries.

Czechoslovakia annexed Northern Bavaria after WWII, and so the resident German glassmakers fled and set up workshops in their new West German communities. They built a thriving glass industry, and by 1950 West Germany was considered the glass doublet capital of the world. 

These earrings were handmade by Grandmother's Buttons jewelry, a small women-led family business that creates heirloom jewelry from antique buttons & vintage glass in their Louisiana design studio.

  • Designed and handmade in the USA
  • Two rare German mid-century goldstone and rose glass opal doublets
  • Brass filigree stamping made in antique dies
  • Length is 1.75"

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