Corkcicle - Ice Stick Tray


Brand Corkcicle

Just when you thought your Corkcicle canteen couldn't get any cooler ... along came the Corkcicle ice stick tray! Trying to fit square ice cubes into a round hole are a thing of the past thanks to this cutie.

Molded from BPA-free silicone that makes removing ice quick and hassle-free, these ice trays also have a protective lid that helps keep out freezer debris and makes stacking easy, plus a stiff upper lip that makes transfer from your sink to your freezer wobble/spill resistant.

  • Designed in the USA and made in China
  • Made with BPA-free food-safe silicone
  • FDA/LFGB approved
  • Ice sticks fit 16 oz, 25 oz, and 60 oz canteens
  • Features notched indentation for snapping to fit ice in 9 oz canteens

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