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Barber and Fritz Natural Hair Products - Dry Hair Creme


As the folks at Barber and Fritz, natural hair products say, we offer an "experience for the senses, the spirit, and the mind."

The Twang Gang wholeheartedly agrees. The curly-haired among us swear by this natural hair cream for dry hair. It's da' balm (literally and figuratively), and it smells divinely of kaffir lime and cardamom.

This rich, concentrated hair styling cream hydrates, conditions and protects your hair while adding weight, luster, and definition to dry, coarse, thirsty, textured hair.

Ingredients include Shea Butter, a natural sunscreen rich in Vitamins A & B which strengthens and protects hair, soothes the scalp and promotes sebum production. It also has Silk Protein which aids in moisture retention, increase elasticity and strengthens hair. Finally, it has cardamon which is a natural disinfectant, and antioxidant relieves itchy dry scalp.

  • Made in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • 8 oz container (use a quarter-sized dollop per rinse)
  • No parabens, sulphates, petroleums, or artificial fragrances
  • Perfumed with pure essential oils
  • Made in small batches, so colour and texture may vary slightly

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