Wild Coast Perfumery - Cowichan Rose



Wild Coast Perfumery Eau de Parfum captures the essence of our Canadian wild west coastlines with beautiful, all-natural, plant-based, artisan perfumes. And we think their maker Laurie is as captivating as her scents. Each fragrance incorporates a wild element harvested from their home island to create authentically local, gorgeous niche fragrances without the use of synthetics or chemicals.

Cowichan Rose - Location Inspiration -The summertime's rose layden banks of the Cowichan River's estuary paths. Sensual and warm, this is definitely no your typical Grandma's old rose perfume. Natural Floral Notes - rosa damescena | Warm Earthy Notes - saffron & vanilla | Wild Element - western red cedar leaf.

  • Traditionally blended, aged and bottled in Cowichan Bay, BC
  • 100% natural containing proprietary blends of over 20 essential oils, absolutes and resins
  • Available in 15ml  of 50ml spray glass bottle

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