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Loobylu - Pixie Elf Ornament


Brand Loobylu


These mischievous cuties will steal your heart (in fact we know several people who've ordered one as a gift and then couldn't give it away)! We suggest you double down in Pixie Elf town before they're gone.

Handmade by our newest Twang Gang member Claire Robertson (aka Loobylu), each one is one of a kind.

  • handmade & hand painted on Salt Spring Island
  • wooden, with felt, ribbon trim and knit hat
  • 3.75" high

Your elf will vary from the ones shown here, as each one is truly unique. Trust us they are all absolutely gorgeous and we're doing you a favour by not making you agonize over which particular one you need to have.

P.S. If you don't yet know Loobylu, you can get to know her by checking out her Small Batch List - it's our favourite weekly newsletter and Twang & Pearl was featured in the very first one.

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