Chelsea King - Scrunchie - Fur Aspen



We love that scrunchies have had a comeback, and these Chelsea King scrunchies are so great! Scrunchies really are the perfect hair tie, and we wonder why they ever went out of style!

It doesn't get any softer than these mega fluffy, luxurious Aspen Fur Scrunchies! They're like a cloud for your hair. Or maybe a baby bunny for your hair - but not in a weird way. They're so fluffy you're gonna melt.

Available in two sizes (measurements provided reference diameter ranges when the scrunchie is lying flat and are approximate only):

Oversized (Extra Large)

  • Approx 15.2" - 17.8"
  • Designed for a more voluminous look
  • Designed with the same hold specifications as the classic size, but with more fabric used
  • Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots and ponytails

Classic (Regular)

  • Approx 11.4" - 12.7"
  • Designed for a classic look
  • Ideal for thin to thick hair
  • Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails

Whichever size you pick, we know you're going to love it!

  • Handmade in Canada
  • Suitable for all hair types and thicknesses - one twist should be all that's necessary to hold your hair
  • Material is faux fur
  • Elastic is natural cotton and runner elastic
  • Elastic is chlorine resistant and designed to withstand washing and drying
  • Care is hand wash and hang to dry

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