Let's face it, pretty people, January is hard and sometimes feels like a thousand days to get to the end (only two more to go)!. Thankfully, February is short and FULL OF LOVE.  So let's celebrate the $#@% out of it!

And we're not talking roses and chocolate and candlelit dinners here - (not that there's anything wrong with that) :-)  We're talking about LOVE in all its glorious, supportive, smile procuring, warm-fuzzy producing loveliness. Some call it 'Galentines' - we just like to call it Lovin'times. So love it up, Twangy Nation - express it, show it, confess it, spread it around like glitter dust.

All month long we will be sending out little promos and incentives to help you spoil yourself - because we believe, if you're looking for true love, the first place to start is in the mirror.  And if you want to treat a gorgeous beauty friend who might need the reminder, we're down for that too!

 This week, we're starting it all off with a discount code to treat yourself or anyone you love to a beautiful, cozy or pretty smelling NEW ARRIVAL to launch yourself happily into February!

Goodbye January, it's been too loooooooong! Hello February, you're nice.


Stay tuned here, to our newsletter or social media for special promos and treats to celebrate love all throughout February!

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